Throughout, certain terminology is used to help explain different attributes and functions of The Aggot™. Some of these definitions are widely known and used in cricket however some are not.

Those terms that are not widely known do in no way intend to change how certain things are referred to in coaching circles but are used to help explain how The Aggot™ can be used to provide the maximum benefit.

Spin: Spin refers to the rotation imparted on the ball around an axis.

Overspin: Overspin can be considered ‘topspin’ as that it refers to the spin that is imparted up the back and over the top of the ball. The ball then loops in the air and drops faster than would be the case with a ball with no imparted spin and then
bounces high.

Sidespin: Sidespin refers to the spin that is imparted on the side of the ball. When the ball hits the ground, it can make the ball turn off the wicket.

Turn refers to the deviation of the ball off the wicket when a bowler imparts spin on the ball.

Drift: Drift refers to the sideways movement of the ball in the air based on the amount and direction of spin imparted on the ball. Drift is a term used for spin
bowling only. Drift, when achieved correctly, usually occurs very late in its path of travel when the ball is close to the batsman.

Swing: Swing refers to the sidways movement of the ball in the air based on the angle of the seam and differences in air pressure produced by opposing sides of
the ball. Swing is a term used for non-spin bowlers only.