The Aggot™ may bounce unpredictably due to its unique shape. As a consequence, injury may occur if The Aggot™ is bowled towards any person. The Aggot™ is intended to be used as a bowling training tool only.

Do not bowl The Aggot™ toward other people (including, for example, batsmen, coaches, wicket-keepers or catchers). It is also recommended that appropriate precautions be taken to avoid potential damage to property, for example by using

The Aggot™ away from buildings. No liability will be accepted by the inventor, manufacturer or supplier for any injury or damage caused through use of The Aggot™ contrary to these instructions, and all liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages in contract, tort or negligence arising in connection with any use of The Aggot™ is excluded (other than any liability that cannot lawfully be excluded).