Why use The Aggot™?

Many coaches find it difficult to understand exactly what is happening as the ball is released from the hand. Is the seam vertical? Is an off- spinner undercutting the ball rather than getting over it? Is a leg-spinner bowling with too much side-spin?

In most cases, the only way to understand what the ball is doing in the air is to watch very closely. Some coaches watch what the ball is doing off the wicket and based on sideways movement and bounce, makes a judgement of how it was released.

The Patented design of The Aggot™ provides distinctive feedback to both the bowler and coach as to exactly how it is released from the hand. The Aggot™ is the same weight as a normal cricket ball (156g ), has the same seam and is made of
leather. As a result, when bowling The Aggot™, a bowler would hardly know it is not a normal ball.

The feedback The Aggot™ provides relates to:
a) The direction of the seam of the ball as it travels through the air
b) The axis of rotation of the ball
c) The plane (or tilt) of the ball

All of these cover all 3 planes and therefore is able to provide even inexperienced coaches an understanding of what is happening when the ball is being released from the bowlers hand.